Monday, August 18, 2014

Where ants hide in your house

Ants can easily find a way indoors through even the tiniest cracks, so other areas of the home are also common with excess moisture are known to attract ants, so bathrooms and kitchens are highly susceptible to an infestation. Carpenter ants, for example, often build nests in damp areas like behind bathroom tiles or under sinks. To prevent an infestation in the bathroom or kitchens.
Inspecting sinks, toilets and tubs for any leaks or drips.
pick up any leftover food and wash the bowls of pet food regularly.
sugar, syrup and honey in plastic containers that snap shut, and wipe them down to remove any sticky residue.
Check to ensure shampoo, lotion and soap bottles are secured and no contents have spilled out of their containers.
Taking the trash out regularly will prevent ants from getting in old fruit,sweet smells and empty bottles of soda juice
Thorough cleaning by scrubbing the floors with disinfectant cleaner, and wiping down the inside of drawers with warm soapy water.
To keep ants from finding a way inside, homeowners should pest-proof around the outside of the home. Experts recommend sealing any cracks with silicone caulk, repairing holes in window and door screens, replacing weather-stripping, fixing loose mortar around the basement foundation and windows, and keeping tree branches trimmed back and away from the house.

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