Friday, May 10, 2013

Little black ants in your house or building is a No! No!

Little black ants otherwise known as pavement ants are very small with size ranges from 1/20 to ½ inch long. Apart from being black, they can as well be seeing in brown color. Ideally, this particular ant can be located living under sidewalks or slabs which have immediate link with the soil. In the Pacific northwest, they have the habit of infesting homes and buildings. You may not worry, over just one black ant in your house but its large number may imply that they have their nest close by. In addition to the ant mounds located in your compound, finding their nest at the back of baseboards or in cracks within your counter are very common.

Worker ants are scavengers which gather seeds nectar as well as dead insects being drawn to their nest. Similarly, they feed on green fly, black fly in addition to many more insects. Although, they cannot be regarded as dangerous, yet large number of them could be an eye-sore. More importantly, little black ants do not carry any life threatening diseases.

little black ants could have journeyed along unsuitable and dirty routes while searching for food before the find their way inside your house. This implies that they are capable of contaminating your food. You are strongly advised never to leave your food carelessly without cover where ants can easily reach. If in doubt as to whether they have contaminated your food, simply wrap it and discard the food in a dust bin.

The little black ants being seeing indoors are worker ants in search of food so that both the queen and the grub can feed. These ants have come to realize that houses being lived by humans are steady supply of food most especially sweetens or sugary materials. Directly or indirectly, your house provides them fats and proteins which in larger quantity in your pantry and kitchen staples.

These soil dwellers can probably forage in your home for food and they are very effective all through the year. They are even more visible during the heat weather. You can easily find them in seattle,bellevue,issaquah,kirkland,Redmond,mercer island,woodinville,kent,Renton and Tacoma, although they are very harmless yet their sight could be annoying for homeowners.

little black ant nests in dry earth very close to the plant roots having a sandy soil in certain beautiful colonies. Funny enough, same are sand being used in house foundations, garden paths as well as patios becomes a suitable site for the queen ant to begin a colony. The black ant nests are being discovered within the walls of properties on consistent basis. It is better not to allow a colony to develop at all, because it is very tasking if not impossible to destroy it having taking its root.

Having stated that black ants are not posing a serious danger, it is noteworthy to mention that they are capable of biting and also go ahead to squirt formic acid for self protection. This may cause inflammation for those having very sensitive skin.

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